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7 days to sell your car (1)

When I sell a car, like everyone else before me has become a common way to advertise in the local newspaper or national magazine and / or the Internet.

I started with the local newspaper, and you'll get the usual reaction of people require more detailed information about the car, and more often that people do not ask that the car before I saw!

This was too much a waste of my time, since most of those usually referred to as simply a waste of time calling around trying to bite, to see if someone there was so desperate to sell your car, they can buy almost everything.

Therefore, went the first week - a car not for sale. The second week of less than the answer - the machine has not yet been sold.

I have tried to develop what could be the reasons. This is a bad time of year? This holiday is the people of their money on different things. I will try again in a month. But all the same results.

Check the display. Everything looks good compared to others in the same price class, the same year of the car, good pictures, but I am still stuck in the car.

I try the car on eBay ®. Once again, everything that I say, as a rule, good description, a lot of good photographs, there is nothing wrong.

But still not sold. I know that on eBay ® hopes nothing, but I thought that perhaps someone send me an email and we can do a lot outside of eBay ® and get a better price on a car.

I looked at some online forums and message that is not good. The conversation is usually very difficult for people to sell their cars, which are usually sold very well.

Dealers using the same methods and the same result, only the cars sitting on forecourts week after week, month after month, in some cases.

I have a few cars sold in the past, and I can not forget everything that had to do was more than a half decent car was clean and sooner rather than later, no problem.

Today, you have to work a little smarter, even for those who are interested, much less their costs. But it is not only the number of cars offered for sale.

I am sure that someone must be a lot of something, but the general consensus seems to be no way through many a seller of car, and if one of them is the next step, you?

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