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Bentley Continental Super Sport

Bentley has the official photos and information on the Super Continental Sports, themost powerful and fastest Bentley with 621 hp and 329 km / h. It has a muscular exterior design, combined with a driver focused cockpit two. This goes on sale in autumn 2009.

Bentley Supersports Recently in advance for the display of images, Continental Super Sport is the fastest and most powerful Bentley ever with 630PS (621 bhp), 0-100 km / h acceleration in 3.9 seconds and a maximum speed of 329 km / h .

W12 engine capable of petrol (gasoline) and bio-fuels.
Continental Super Sport began as "below the radar" project to explore opportunities to reduce weight in the Continental GT, but with more power and torque.

Compared with the Continental GT Super Sport speed is 110 kg.

Bentley Continental Super sports performance supplement a number of improvements, including the return address of the chassis and suspension, the use of lighter elements, back-roll bars and dampers.

Flexibility 40:60 rear-biased all the time divided into transmission wheels, wider rear track, with 20-inch alloy wheels and standard electronic stability program.

Carbon-ceramic brakes are standard for installation in the direction of the response, grip and comfort while maintaining the weight.

Super Sport name was inspired by two-person 3-L Super sport model introduced in 1925, the development speed of 3 liters. Lightweight, 85 hp Super Sport was the first Bentley to 100 miles.

Continental Super Sport will be in the autumn of 2009, and Flex-compatible models sold in the U.S. from the summer holidays of 2010.
From the official press release:

Bentley Bentley Continental SupersportsThe team tries to return to the distortion of the supply of electricity and power in the fastest and most powerful Bentley ever. Design Group was informed that the new car "extremely."

The development of super-sport design was a clear case of form following function, with a signal-sculptural forms of technical changes under the skin.

In front, Super Sport simple "box" the central air intake on the sides of the two vertical holes, the car has a difference, the more (or less), while high levels of cooling capacity of air intercoolers.

Two new hood vents extract hot air from the engine bay.

Bentley Continental SupersportsAt rear wheel arches are subtly curved stretch of 25 mm (I cm) on each side, a new instrument panel, the largest on the track uprated chassis.

They are the true super sport with muscular position, coupled with new lightweight 20-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels. The open structure allows a clear view of the disc brake calipers and carbon-ceramic.

A new bumper with black trim on the lower aperture, the big house (+ 40 mm/1.6 inch) exhaust pipe with elliptical discrete vertical divider.

Super Sport has a unique dark smoky steel exterior finish for all ", brighter products, including the front grille, light bezels, window size and the wheel.

Complex process of physical vapor deposition for all components made of stainless steel, high gloss and durability. Automotive industry first, this process is usually as a decorative coating machines and hours.

Four new external colors are available exclusively for the Super Sport - pearlescence ice and quartzite and a first for Bentley, two colors, matte finish, satin gray and dark gray satin finish. Customers also have the possibility of 17 standard paint colors.

Continental card feature Super Sport models of the outer steel bands on smoking at the wheel at the bottom of the front wing.

Two seats in the cabin, which hide leather is combined with the traditional material of three new Bentley - carbonfibre AlcantaraTM and "Soft Touch" leather.

Dirk van Braeckel, director of design and engineering, explains: "Our task is to create a driver-centered cockpit adds to the extreme outside, with the use of unconventional materials Bentley maintaining high standards of quality and craftsmanship."

Lightweight carbon replaces wood veneer fascia and central console, while the new lightweight sports seats also are equipped with front panel of carbon fiber back. Rear cargo area is covered with a carbon beam with the luggage.

Fabrics of all the components of carbon and Bentley has a specific gravity of all parts is carried out in the forest store Crewe.

The interior color of black coal and Beluga Secondary Hide AlcantaraTM. However, customers can customize the interior to the Duo and Tono topics.

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