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Nissan Develops AC Contain Vitamin C

Nissan will develop a system of air conditioning (AC) in the vehicle cabin is more healthy. Recently, Nissan will display a model of air conditioning systems that contain vitamin C.

Designed by Sharp, Plasmacluster ions used in the system to reduce bacteria in the air, eliminate odors, and deactivate the allergens in the air.

A study has reported that air conditioning helps keep your skin naturally. Section, contains moisturized. This system also uses sensors to detect other harmful odor from the outside and automatically through the ventilation system.

In addition, Nissan plans to install a speedometer that can improve the atmosphere in the car properly, and equipped with reminders of birthdays, or weddings when the driver forgets.

"We want drivers to feel that they are healthier to live in a car rather than outside," said an engineer at Nissan shows test drive outside of Tokyo.

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