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Obama Taste Chevrolet Volt

U.S. President, Barack Obama, have a chance to taste the Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle. The first exposure was done when the president made a visit to the Compact Power plant battery in the Netherlands (16 / 7), Mich. LG Chem, the holding of Compact Power, which makes the battery cells of the Chevrolet Volt.

In photographs released by GM, Barack Obama looks into the cabin, Chevrolet Volt and sit in it. And came out with an expression of joy. Until now, Obama is known strongly support the car industry - environmentally friendly cars.

Obama even wanted in 2015, hybrid car in America topped 1 million units. Government under Obama, Americans spend up to 2.4 billion U.S. dollars to develop electric vehicles and next-generation batteries like those used on the Chevrolet Volt.

As an electric car, the Chevrolet Volt itself capable of running with low emissions without any emissions at all even as far as 340 miles or about 574 km. And more fun again, no need to do when the battery starts charging overdrawn.

For up to 40 miles or 64 km first, the car was fully use electricity stored in a 16-kWh lithium-ion batteries. Not using fuel and produces no emissions. When the lithium-ion batteries has been reduced, or the combustion engine generator will operate for charging and extend the distance traveled up to 300 miles

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