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7 days to sell your car (2)

Continuing Selling Car Tips.
Advertising problem
I began to take part in all the other special promotion, and when he saw them still do jumps at you and says: "Look at me, or his attention.

Big bold brand and model of car a little description and prices in large quantities at the end.

Against this background, some reason to my ad for someone else? But this, as all believed that their car for sale, and thought that it was not always in the interest of advertisers, even if they are paid.

The only person who seems to be a paper or magazine or website that you or I use. If not sold, and I lose you.

This is the best kind of advertising? Error, no! This is a simple answer to this question!

You just point in the dark "I hope you have a bite of any other person fishing for attention.

For example, as a rule, all places, because the notice of the publication is a reader of many thousands of people, or on the web site has many visitors in a week or a month.

You should see something like this: "Getting a car can be seen from the 300,000 cars to customers hungry!

So we pay our money. Big mistake.

How many readers of your brand and model of car? Most of us say that they do not know.

How can that be the best way to sell your car?

There may be 10000 to 300000, which on your machine. But then you get the same color the buyer wants? If you Run? Air Conditioning? Alloys?

By the time all of the fields are less than 1000 people are interested in, and it depends on how much, where you live. You do not say all this, if they want to advertise, and you? That is, if you are in any other suggestions!

Not my car, which is a problem because the public is that the biggest problem!

If you're not on the people, who want to buy your car, and then lose a lot of hard earned money.

It's like at the airport, and ask for a ticket, but it is not a goal to fly a.

Why most Advertising does not work!

Oh, if you advertise in a magazine or other publication for most of the time, not always in favor of advertisers.

This is because people buy advertising space on the basis that we can usually afford to be advertising because the car is sold.

Thus, There are 2 different mentality here. First, advertising can be sold, not necessarily to sell your car. Do you think he got better treatment because the amount of money you pay.

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