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Not all of us can ride bikes and get paid to do so (sorry), and Ways to pursue your passion professionally. One that looks intriguing, if not particularly profitable is Zingo, a designated driver service, which uses a folding motorcycle and large, are not emerging riders.

This service is currently franchised in 11 U.S. cities, is simple. If you're too drunk to drive home (or someone you want to drive your car for some other reason), you can call them, and in 30-40 minutes, the rider will be at your place at the ridiculously tiny scooter, which he would roll up (less than than 5 seconds), put in a bag and then stored in the trunk. After he drives you home (rates vary according to the city, but usually run about $ 30-40), it extracts from a scooter, developed and is on its way to the next pickup. You are then free to shatayutsya to bed with nothing more to worry about than the hangover is much preferable to waking up in a county jail cell is surrounded by new friends.

Excellent idea, but it is surprising that just started service in the U.S. in 2005. Di Blasi R7E foldable scooter is, after all, it was on the market since 1979. This is a very intelligent, which locks and unlocks only two snaps, which makes it very easy to stow or deploy. (You can watch a film about that here.) After the fold, only 31 "x 15" x 24 ", and can easily fit even a compact car trunk. In R7E designed to be stacked on the plane (he even has been used by helicopter in the Italian National Police), so that the automatic shutoff of fuel keeps the gas from dripping from a tank. The engine is simple 49.9cc two stroke was designed and built Di Blasi (former Italian Air Force pilot and engineer, who therorized Wankel rotary engine in 1942) that good for about two horsepower. This is enough to push the 65-pound scooter up to 30 miles / h. CVT receives power to the rear wheels.

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