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Aprilia Mana X Concept

Who will buy all these bikes?
Here's the issue, the product planners and marketing personnel for each motorcycle factory in the world were asked to themselves, as unit sales, especially in large streetbikes, began to decline in 2007. While the proximate cause of the deceleration is evident, as the global economy lurches to a standstill, even in the best of times, sales of immersion. This motorcycle buyers are older, and fewer young riders take their seats. One solution is to ride bikes easier to aging consumers, therefore, burst trikes, scooters, and a large, powerful standards of another is to try to blow bold vision Wu young hipsters.

Aprilia tried both times in Milan this year with their Mana X concept. Based on the 850 Mana, it was at 90 °, 850cc V-Twin for a pair of super size CVT transmission. He keeps in Mana шпалери frame, but with a new internal braced swingarm. Wheels are laced seats in the rear get 180/70-16 Dunlop D427 is designed for Harley in FXDF Fat Bob! Braking is a wave-style rotors and Brembo type radial calipers at Mount Man, and Shiver Dorsoduro. The rear shock and muffler are slung below a la Buell. Styling is minimal, and chic, with more than a passing nod to American street trackers. This spare, aggressive styling and should expect from Aprilia design studio in Noale; he spearheaded Miguel Galluzzi, who developed the first Ducati Monster in 1992. "All that you need, how big, friendly Argentine cited by Ducati history website, is a saddle, tank, engine, two wheels and steering wheel."

Mana X is ready to bike, but do not have to wait in line at your Aprilia dealer just yet. This concept, designed to offer "a clear vision for the future" in the Mana family. The full line of CVT-equipped motorcycle? Perhaps not that MD readers are asked, but it may be one way of growing sales of large Aprilia bikes.

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