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Electric Superbike Shown in Birmingham, UK Motorcycle Show

Eighty-six horsepower does not sound very impressive on the Superbike, but TTX GP founder Azhar Hussain hopes that it will change how people think about electric motorcycles. He showed it to leave TTX01 Electric Superbike in England this week, and explained that the bike is capable of 120 miles / h with the right to transfer, uses a dual 43-horsepower electric motors and Agni Lynch was built at inciting Buzz about the upcoming Maine TTXGP, first in world zero-emission motorcycle roadrace.

In addition to the wild graphics, bike (built with the old GSX-R chassis) is quite simple, but it is what is inside that is interesting. The two motors developed for aquatic vehicle applications are light, small, and work at 93% efficiency. And if 86 horsepower does not impress you, maybe 92 ft-lbs. Torque (mostly in a crack in the throttle) will. Less impressive is the battery, which weighs more than 160 pounds, but would only support TTX01 on the road speed of about 50 miles. But it's testbed for future models available in 2010, about 20,000 pounds, said Hussein, with regenerative braking, carbon fiber chassis and long-range battery that "hot-swappable" to quickly change the battery in the pit stops (or maybe your spouse may be around you with fresh batteries).

I believe that bike when I ride, but what is very likely to happen this zero-emission race TT on the island in June. This will be a circle around the famous 38-mile mountain course in each of the two classes. First class, entitled "Professional Class" will be open to electric motors, internal combustion engines using non-carbon based fuels, as well as zero-emission hybrids. In the second class, "Open", an electrician for only a bicycle and all this with the sale after the race to 20000 pounds. More than 60 groups have expressed their interest in the competition so far, according to Hussain.

This will be a new era in the two-wheeled racing? Or just advertising gimmick? It is hard to say until that happens, but a successful race could change the way we see electric vehicles in two or four wheels.

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