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2008 Vespa GTV 250: COB Ride review

By Dirck Edge
Just a few months ago, before gas prices made a U-turn, the American press can not say enough about the scooters. Among other brands, Vespa has been identified as a Euro-Cool scooter to see, and will be considered further. 50, 60, 70 and even 80 miles per gallon of gasoline to give us a reason to go and buy something fun and new.

Since we occasionally test a large displacement scooters here at MD, we asked to try one of the Vespa models 244 CC, 250 GTV. At $ 6899, GTV 250 is so far the most expensive scooter Vespa, sold in the United States. In addition to the large displacement engine can be obtained Vespa in this country (the same engine in a less expensive GTS 250), GTV especially on luxury leather saddle, front and rear disc brakes, a cool retro styling (including a wing installed lamps and retro instrument gauge) Standard chrome luggage rack, fuel injection and liquid cooling. Vespa claims a maximum speed of 76 miles / h and fuel consumption of 65 to 70 miles per gallon. Our tests yielded 62 MPG.

At the said 322 pounds, 250 GTV is not easy. Nevertheless, it takes away alive, and has no problems with the handling of traffic nimbly city, and even aggressively, if you choose. First, GTV felt somewhat unstable at higher speeds, but a simple setting for the dual rear shock absorber allowed this convincingly editor size chassis balance is better

Riding Vespa, a scooter or other small, not riding, as one of the mega-scooters (such as Suzuki Bergman 650). Your upper body is much more susceptible to wind and the car in general, has a simple, toy-type relationship.

In the small 12-inch wheels on the Vespa, braking and cornering you need a little more than to be measured on a scooter with a 14 inch or 15 inch wheels. Nevertheless, the disc brakes on the 250 GTV proved adequate, if not confidence inspiring. In the processing department, it tends to "dart" more than "flow", and this just might be suited to its primary goal of urban traffic negotiations.

When I returned to the car to the press, on the other hand, Los Angeles, I drove it almost flat on the highway about 100 miles. Top speed, as already noted, ranged from 75 to 85 miles / hour, depending on wind direction and inclination. Stability is adequate, if not quite at the level of a full size motorcycle or scooter wheels. This is not a highway touring machine, but it provides adequate power and stability to use the freeway in a relatively short hop - to make it more flexible than many other small scooters.

Styling is always subjective, but we thought the bike looked very cool. You do not see leather saddle very often, especially in dark brown, and the rest of the bike is not yet certain retro appeal and modern simplicity.

If you're looking for something more of the ordinary here in the U.S., and enjoy authentic Italian styling, Vespa GTV 250 can be your scooter. A less expensive model of 244 CC, 250 GTS, retails for $ 5999 and offers the same performance (without laying some elements). Take a look at the Vespa website for further information and specifications.

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