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Designer Ducati 916 and MV Agusta F4 to retire

2008 will mark an end to the career of one of the greatest designers motorycling when the resignation of the head of Massimo Tamburini MV Agusta in the engineering and design center, the Center Ricerche Cagiva (CPC) on December 31.

Tamburini career spans four decades. In 1973, he became one of the founders of Bimota and gained a reputation for creating motorcycles that were over-handling and faster than the Japanese cars, which were stored engines transplanted in its innovative, lightweight case. Cagiva Group hired him in 1985 at the head of the child, when he eventually created the legendary models as the Ducati 916 and the MV Agusta F4. Many observers believe industrial 916 most beautiful production motorcycle ever.

Given the time your ads, there is speculation Tamburini that retires with a motorcycle because of the Harley-Davidson in recent acquisition of MV Agusta. Further fueling speculation is Tamburini plan "to develop interests outside the area of the motorcycle in accordance with the MV Agusta press release published below. Tamburini of incomparable design skills will certainly be missed in the MoU.

Here's a press release:

Varese, Italy, December 3, 2008 - MV Agusta today announced that design chief Massimo Tamburini will retire from the company, effective December 31, 2008. Tamburini was Cagiva since early 1985 and headed the activities of MV Agusta in the engineering and design center, the Center Ricerche Cagiva, in San Marino for more than 13 years, where he and the staff developed what is widely regarded as a world-class premium , high performance sports motorcycles, including the legendary F4.

"I have devoted much of his career in the motorcycle Cagiva and MV Agusta, and I am immensely proud of beautiful and exciting motorcycles, we have created," said Tamburini. "Although my decision to resign had been very difficult to do, I am confident, highly talented designers and engineers, in San Marino will continue the tradition of excellence that is a feature of MV Agusta. I have the honor to realize so many during my dreams years Cagiva and MV Agusta, and hope that more great things yet to come from the company, "said Tamburini. Tamburini plans to continue to develop interests outside the field of motorcycle and spend more time on other outside interests.

"Massimo Tamburini is one of the legends of the motorcycle industry and leaves a great legacy in MV Agusta", said Claudio Castiglioni, MV Agusta chairman and director of motorcycle research and development. "Perhaps he has built on the MV Agusta design center and its great legacy and vision will now be transferred to the team he assembled and trained for many years.

While we will miss his presence, we respect his decision to resign and I wish him all the best in the future, "said Castiglioni.

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