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Audi Sportback

On the basis of a new generation platform A6, the 2009 Audi Sportback concept conceptual - but leery of production is possible - the answer to the Mercedes CLS, which measures long, 4.95, 1.93 and 1.4 of a million. Surprisingly, however, the coupe profile is used strictly five door hatch in the four-door sedan.

Developed under the direction of Audi design chief Wolfgang Egger, sport back in 2008, the concept of A1 Sportback six-point, shield-shaped grille and the huge horizontal recording on this page, with some details, most of which, of course, the elimination of vertical bar grille. Egger, confirmed that a "new face" Audi.

German designer spoke about the impact of architecture in the design and the role that he is, "Tornado" (the low point for the front arch up to the old ones) in the creation of tension in the car round. A strong character line is also in line with other models of Audi, but the sharp reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases on the back.

At the back Sportback very wide and flat, with a U-shaped glass, like the TT coupe. The idea of thin deck spoiler and concave inside of the slope at the back also goes back to the sports car-1960's, said Egger.

The interior is not less successful, with the four dimensions of the seats, cushions and cream beautiful wooden slats on all points of contact, the driver (including the steering wheel), and a broad, shallow center console, under the floorboards. Unfortunately, padded seats, and not so little from the tree further weaken a coherent and attractive design of a luxury coupe.

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