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Cadillac approach converges

Cadillac converges concept was a surprise addition to the new car unveilings GM. Developed at the GM Advanced Design Studio in Britain under the leadership of Simon Cox, the angle of aesthetics adorns a foreign vehicle smaller CTS Coupe concept is seen in Detroit last year, with a slope of proposals, accidents Beltline expressed his shoulder, and type 2 2 Attributes very dynamic.

Robin war for lead designer said EUR perfected the concept of how the structure of language and concepts Sixteen hundred by introducing softer aesthetic, no less elegant and luxurious. "This relationship is something new Cadillac. Cadillac always car back", Kreiger said: "The problem with this car is not something that looks like a car, because the economy is not something that is associated with luxury." Appearance Manager Brian Smith told us how the grid has been amended to include a final drag undiluted Cadillac personality.

Interior Philosophy, Ben Walsh and David Leary and supervision of the Director of Interior Design, Jeff Perkins, was the creation of a technologically advanced and richly appointed cabin. Center stack contains a transparent relationship enabled HMI and rivers for the period of investigation, and the battery is considered the center console stresses futuristic electricity. The essence of the brand exterior established during the implementation of "eco-aesthetic" aspect of this material.

"Some customers want eco invisible, some want to acknowledge it as a kind of mobile billboards, Perkins said," For a car of this class, you must be authentic materials: metal, leather, something like that. "Ultimately, the balance between the environment through the sustainable and renewable materials, as well as the quintessential luxury materials buyer in the premium segment. The investigation period is the highest synthetic leather and brightwork is aluminum, not metal. Upholstery is made from compressed recycled wood and wool carpet.

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