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E.V.A. Track Turbo Diesel Adventure Tourer

By Gabe ETS-Hokin
The diesel engine has come a long way since Rudolph Diesel patented it in 1894, but it is still used for many tasks, Dr. Diesel envisaged, ie applications that require maximum torque, reliability and fuel efficiency. It seems, adventure tours, motorcycle as BMW GS series, no? Until recently, diesel high weight and low horse production have limited consumer appeal.

Nevertheless, the Dutch company EVA, a builder of small diesel engines, as well as interesting, two-wheel-drive system for motorcycles, will attract such a bike on the market in Europe, and perhaps even in the U.S. this year. It's called the tracks, and it can only be a motorcycle with an apocalypse.

Track uses three 800cc-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with intercooled. This is good for the claimed 54 hp - Not much for a bike, who claimed weighs 501 pounds dry - and about 75 foot-pound. Torque on the barely-spinning 1800 on. / Min. Transmission CVT. Front suspension is a 48mm WP upside down fork (available with EVA optional hydraulic front-wheel-drive system) and monoshock bolted directly to the rear swingarm / driveshaft unit. The frame is chromoly steel tubing, with lazy 63.3-inch wheelbase.

The performance may not be suppressed, used for gas engines (EVA lists enough for maximum speed), but also for those whose definition of "adventure tour" goes beyond the satisfaction of other adventure tour on a bicycle owners Starbucks every other Saturday during the summer, the advantages of diesel should be clear. Diesel engines are reliable, easy to repair, and easy to find fuel (Track can even operate on a purely vegetable oil ... Rudolph first prototype ran on peanut oil). Fuel consumption is also impressive, since this machine weight: EVA claims about 100 miles per gallon to 55 miles / hour and sustained. With the 6-gallon tank is full, it is enough range to avoid pushing your bike, even in the remote desert. Optional two-wheel-drive system should help in the sand and dung.

According to EVA, Track will go on sale in Europe for 17,500 euros (about $ 24,000), equipped with aluminum luggage (ABS is optional). EVA site indicates units may be available in the U.S. since September, 2009.

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