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Consumer and transportation industries will find the burden of fuel costs

Fuel costs for all aspects of life. Agricultural machinery, trucks, boats, trains, school buses, etc., all consume fuel to food, transportation and food for us. We are, ultimately, consumers pay for rising fuel costs, higher prices for food, clothing, housing, education, transport, etc., as well as our own fuel.

The impact on our transportation industry has far reaching implications. The American Automobile Association has already "... deeply concerned about the impact of rising prices of diesel engine in the aviation industry and our economy ...", offers tips on saving fuel, as well as to designate a truck stop, the cheapest fuel, etc.

Many schools are desperately trying to fuel costs and the negative impact on children's health from emissions of toxic gases that are forced to strip money from classrooms, a reduction in bus routes and eliminating travel. The collection of duties on buses or students who have greater distances to go to school seriously. Some districts in Arizona concerned about the health of vulnerable children, the lungs, there is a program to support the driver turned off the buses than inaction.

According to the National Marine Charter Industry a voice, the price of fuel "in court" and low margins in the nation, 40000 charter boat operators ...".

What is the budget for fuel consumers, including owners of boats, buses, trucks, trains and automobiles, myriads of fuel additives and / or fuel conditioners have been used, and with minimal or no noticeable difference in fuel consumption and less emission reductions. At worse, so many damaged engines and / or fuel systems.

One company to provide assistance if they decided to test a new fuel conditioner in their efforts to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. Journal callsign of the official statement that the Dial-A-Cab would be testing fuel conditioner called UBIEE PowerPill FE-3 is responsible for publishing the results in October 2005.

Call Sign October 2005, the magazine published the results of all tests, the full "... the drivers say it works!" And they continue to act in February 2006. Another article was published in February 2006, the Taxi Globe newspaper in an interview with the real people who have tested UBIEE PowerPill SF-3.

Ring SMS UBIEE director and president, Dr. Michael W. Dolgoruky not surprised by saving fuel and reducing emissions, he said: "This will not only promote efficiency, fuel economy and emissions, but our experience shows that the parties in relation to fuel such as filters and nozzles, etc., are also much more durable, but also savings from the tablets. In fact, a recent report documented 45% savings in shipping. "

Based on NASA and now manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality program, exclusive marketing rights were given by Ring SMS UBIEE on three continents, and PowerPill, Alias, Fe-3 UBIEE Hall PowerPil its fuel savings, maintenance savings and reduce emissions in the world more than 69 countries.

When the high prices of gasoline, and welcome relief from the hands of the budgets of consumers and the industry of transportation hall to check and proven environmentally friendly product known as PI-3 UBIEE PowerPill. Along with the historically proven track record of fuel economy and reduced emissions, as well as maintenance savings and extended life of the engine, the future looks even brighter.

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