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Chris bracelet: a hero of modern cars

For 10 years Chris was a car designer bracelet all love to hate. Here was a man who gives us the flame surface, completely renovated BMW, that the language and how this process of auto-design rules.

As design director of BMW, more than any other car designer Chris bracelet in the headlines. Not only in the automotive media, but in all media. He made his eloquent controversial design direction for what had been the dean of protected German sports sedan, at the same time, deflect or ignore the criticism more than any other car designer has received.

And now, as he began his last day in the German society (indeed, the last day of work in the automotive industry), the media remind us of their achievements Fiat Coupe, the flame from the X-Coupe surface, the third generation "bracelet-butt "Series 7 and the tissue surface of Gina, the choice of car, away from the sobriety of the 90 principles of design BMW. We are also reminded his colleagues about the criticism of its design - not less than J Mays' disparaging view of the 1-series - and his charisma and intelligence.

But there is confusion about the unusual public farewell Chris bracelet as often as the media generally focus their eyes on the car design. Like the rest of the media second guessing his status as hero or villain automotive design, car design news in the community wanted to celebrate some of the undeniable truth, a bracelet from BMW, the time is probably the best memory.

In the 1990's series BMW, which is usually regarded as close to impeccable design, the harmonious coexistence. Bracelet, when the chief designer in 1992, BMW was forced to continue conservative management "cookie-cutter approach. But BMW sedan with aesthetics than the mature, and 7-series for a large series, 5 seems to be expanding the series 3, bracelet managed in the management that it is time for innovation and development strategies, regardless of this reaction could be to customers, the management at BMW and other car designers.

This new approach to innovation and change in the monolithic design of the strategy, of course, is the cornerstone of the success of Chris bracelet from BMW. It is the foundation of the brand position today, generation of good design to achieve the identity of cars on the market, and mixed, and the connection lines of cars, the customer better than ever. Nevertheless, all these innovations, and diversification has been achieved while preserving the character design of BMW, the brand kidney grille and four round headlamps Hofmeister kink, front engine rear drive ratios in the total amount of premium sports personality.

But this innovative design, if not a new development strategy has been widely criticized. In addition, nearly half the directors of structures that are critical to approach Chris bracelet for BMW, and they are often strongly criticized. At the heart of this is the view that many of "his" BMW models ugly, ugly or unnecessary aspects of them - 1-Series, X3 and the previous generation E65 7 Series is the most frequently cited examples.

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