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Tata Prima

Pininfarina has a new car this year at the Geneva Motor Show, but it was a surprise in the new models are Tata Carrozzeria with the famous signature. Tata, as a premium (which means "first" in Italian), the concept of a luxury sedan is the first official project of the Tata-Pininfarina cooperation.

Based on the platform of Tata Indigo - the first sedan in India - First, it suggests that in the future, perhaps, the Tata car. Designed to sharpen the profile of "Tata", four-door has a simple but elegant, with lines like compartment. The design is similar to the flow, and the tension in shoulderline, which, together with the car, and exudes an elegant proportions with a contemporary yet classic and modern.

Although the model is only one external 2.7 m long wheelbase, is said to deserve the interior of a luxury sedan. Thin processing C-pillar and unmistakable Pininfarina coupe silhouette also, as I said, does not affect the interior.

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