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Zagat Perano Z-One

Zagat is a concept called the Z-One Perano at the Geneva Motor Show next week, the 90-th Birthday of the company. With a long bonnet and short rear deck, the super sports car has a big part of the tour.

Despite the fact that she did not have many details about the concept of two squares, a large oval grille and larger air intakes above and below the threshold shoulderline shows the car on power from large conventional engines. Large headlights, vertical sidewall, with more to cover the mesh vents for heat dissipation. In profile, concave Fender morphs through the door at the rear pronounced hips. The form of the grille is also repeated on the back on a wider scale, such as the headlight design, with a smaller round placed in the housing taillamp. The concept of the double-bubble roof, from the windshield to the sharply raked backlight is also a factor in his final design Zagat.

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