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Introduction polishes and waxes your car

Defining the right to use the product to adjust the brightness, it is not always easy. In most cases, is rubbing and polishing compounds, sealants and glazes, one step cleaner wax and protection waxes.
It is difficult to find two cars that people of a particular product. A person is a product that works better, and refuse to try something new. You just have to try different brands until you find that suits your needs.

To solve this dilemma, see the following table for quick reference. On the following pages, we will discuss the use of various types.

Heavy oxidation: first attempt sealants and enamel. If the results are not satisfactory, the use of compounds, polishing or professional Meguiar Net # 4 Follow-up with sealant and a letter from Eddie, and then wax to protect.

Moderate oxidation: Use of Liquid Polish for quick solutions, or one step cleaner wax. The best results with the sealant and enamel, and then wax.

Light oxidation: The use of one step cleaner wax or sealant and enamel, and then wax.

No oxidation: The use of one step cleaner wax or wax level.

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