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Protoscar Lampo

The Swiss-based automotive design company Protoscar announced that all SA-Lampo electric car at the Geneva Motor Show last week. Lampo called (the Italian word "lightning"), two seat convertible, is said to be synonymous with a natural phenomenon, which is in power, particularly electric power that this vehicle.

Lampo design embodies a philosophy that these two seemingly contradictory characteristics: maximum performance and maximum energy efficiency. Car soft lines and minimalist, with a sports appearance, complemented by some of the efficiency-oriented, such as rear-wheel covers. The body of the car is finished in contrasting colors of organic water-based paint coating, developed by BASF for the controversial aspects of the car.

Steadfast in its objective, the development of alternative propulsion systems CleanCar vehicles through their initiative, with Daimler Protoscar to develop and implement the concept at NAIAS BlueZero 2009, and worked with Rinspeed and its partners in the creation of ecstasy Geneva Motor Show 2007. Check the new car and its development in the history of the two videos on the left.

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