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Koenigsegg Concept Number

At the Geneva Motor Show 2009 Koenigsegg is a full-scale model of their concept Quant, electric four-door coupe in the NLV PARTNERSHI from the sun, innovative photovoltaic thin FLM to feed the body. The aim is to produce a limited series.

Kvant concept was developed by a Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg NLV supercars in partnership with Solar AG, a pioneer in the field of photovoltaic technology and battery.

Full four-plane model of solar electric car was launched at the Geneva Motor Show 2009, two companies are currently working on the operation scale of the prototype for mass production.

Quantum battery electric vehicles, which are again at full power for only 20 minutes, thanks to the BCC (flow battery energy storage), with a range of 500 kilometers.

Among Technical carbon aluminum chassis / body components and innovative photovoltaic FLM invisible carbon thin lining, body and provides an additional source of energy.

This system also contributes to the development of electric transmission, drivetrain, which simplifies the design and packaging, but only one disk is required.

The total power of 512 hp and maximum torque of 715 Nm, which allows Kvant is 0-100 km / h in 5.2 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 275 km / h.

Given the size of NLV us is abnormally low frontal area of about 2 m square. This, coupled with the drag of about 0.27 CD coeffcient and effectiveness of the BCC is a range of cars.

Design Group also Christian von Koenigsegg, Nunzio La VECCHIA (project manager and design), Joachim Nordwall (Designer), Efraim Tangen (modeling / surface / Designwork), Victor Rosenvinge, Ketil Humlekjaer, Remi Andersen (physical modeling).
The Quantum Design offers a unique combination of a super sports car looks and space of the traditional luxury sedan. The car will have four adults comfortably, and have a big trunk behind.

Gull-wing doors are unique to the production of four seats, as well as function with style, but also entry into the car more ergonomics thanks to the missing B-pillars, which allow access to the front and the rear passenger seat.

Only side-Lite division, all the passengers to open and close the front and rear side windows separately, despite
There is only one door on each side.

Koenigsegg Interior Concept RenderingThe Kvant Kvant NLV is rear-wheel drive, four-wheel regenerative braking, ABS and ESP. It was based on two electric motors AC induction motors with variable frequency and a step in the world-line drive, one for each rear wheel.

Dual engine design eliminates the need for a conical or differentiated to further simplify the mechanism and power, and continuous relation to the rear wheels, as well as on the disc and on the coast.

Draft weighing 1780 kg is understandable when you consider that battery, four seats, luxury cars in performance. In part this is due to the installation of two engines, only 140 kg - a remarkable achievement, given the power of 512 hp and maximum torque of 715 nm, the quantum deliver 0-100 km / h for 5, 2 seconds, and press the maximum speed of 275 km / h.

Koenigsegg Kvant ConceptAnother reason for the low weight of the vehicle is equipped with a carbon backbone chassis Monotube construction, in which the vehicle security system in the BCC line to the lowest position, the heart center of gravity and mass. BCC only weighs about 450 kg and does not contain harmful substances and heavy metals.

This project was born when NLV Solar AG for the environmentally conscious Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg Super sports cars, and to develop a "future car" NLV innovative solar technologies in the field of batteries and accumulators.

In 2008, the two companies signed a cooperation agreement to establish a vehicle to test a unique propulsion system that allows optimal use of solar energy developed NLV Solar AG together with innovative memory.

Koenigsegg Quant Concept - preliminary data

* Power: 512 hp
* Torque: 715 Nm
* 0-100 miles / h: 5.2 seconds
* Maximum speed: 275 km / h
* Curb weight: 1780 kg
* Wheelbase 3102 mm
* Track - front: 1730 mm Rear: 1729 mm
* Wheels / Tires - Front: 245/35 - 22 ", Rear: 265/35 - 22" - a low-friction tires Michelin
* Width: 2016 mm, including mirrors, Length: 4879 mm Height: 1335 mm
* Rear-wheel drive
* Four-wheel regenerative braking
* At least 6 airbags, smart, ABS and ESP
3 * of groups (one for the front and two rear)
* Adjustable rear
* 3-zone climate control
* Great foot in the rear
* LED lights front and rear
* Organ at NLV FLM thin film photovoltaic solar --
* NLV mobile redox flow battery energy storage system - BCC
* Place up to 4 adult passengers

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