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Volvo C30 Wins Interior Design Award

Volvo C30 was Ward Interior Design Award for Best Brand Reflection. Last year, Ward called the Volvo S80 winner of the Best Interior Design Award in the year.

According to Eric Mayne, Ward, editor of News Operations, "is characterized by simplicity, elegance and functionality, C30 in the sample that heritage. In spite of, not only in industry, the Convention, which provides comfort masses that contribute to the establishment of rule for futuristic concept cars." Volvo interiors have always ergonomically designed so that we have all the materials in Scandinavian design: where form and function to combine the aesthetic and easy to understand. In the complicated world, Volvo brings a sense of harmony and peace in everyday driving.

"What's C30, our goal was a young spirit and refined Scandinavian style in the interior," Steve Mattin, SVP Design, Volvo Cars said. "We would like to see the best of our cultural heritage in the design of the car. Our development concept is to create interiors with a brand Volvo.

We volvo_c30_interior_2 shied away from chrome, constantly controls intuitive without buttons or switches, and to find ways to enhance our sense of harmony and softness. Our center stack console has become the signature element of all models of cars Volvo. Your system is a natural rhythm and functionality with clean lines and soft curves. "

Volvo legendary anatomically designed seats upholstered in a unique T-Tec fabric specially for Volvo Cars and inspired by modern sports equipment and travel. T-Tec is soft, flexible, elastic and comfortable. The contrast between T-Tec and textile industries - along with the various joints, but the coordination of color - a dynamic appeal of the car.

volvo_c30_interior_3_200 "We will exert pressure on the border with the materials, visual and tactile sensations, feelings," says Steve Mattin. "C30 is a reflection of our Scandinavian culture, feelings about our environment and our heritage."

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