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Dacia Duster concept

concepts well
Dacia Well this is the first crossover concept sports coupe design features with the MPV. Measuring 4.25 in length, 1.64m wide and 1.49m tall, compact multipurpose vehicle with many innovative design details.

In designing the main features of Dacia, the front is decorated with lights that Wrap the front fender, a reduction in the line of light which is back towards the door. In profile, the number of wheel arches and doors in connection with the short overhangs front and rear, a strong position bodyside. The wing shape, with a ceiling set performance feed air to the rear, which also has the logo engraved Dacia wild beauty.

Powered By 105hp 1.5dCi diesel engine, flag Cd value of only 0.30Cd, efficiency and environmental considerations. Read more about our car at the Geneva Motor Show Highlights, and click on the link below for an extensive photo gallery.

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