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About Yamaha Byson Features

Let’s uncover the features Yamaha Byson, anything new?

First, about design. Virtually Byson affairs this one is unrivaled. Muscular body looks from the width of a typical tank design such as touring motor sport. Practically, this tank can be overhauled the need for replacement if bikers want a touch of paint modification.

Handlebar shape is also different than the factory output of motor sport in general. Yamaha uses a longer handlebar. Most models such as the handlebar is the creation of bikers on a ride-style modification touring. The effect would be more manly appearance, and handling in everyday use is also more comfortable. However, the use of wide handlebars may even bring negative impact when the biker crowd was forced to swerve in the road.

Moved slightly towards the front, the shape of the face comes through the headlamp Byson similar asymmetrical V-ixion latest generation. Not round, but also does not square. Quite fit with the character of urban motor sport. Uniquely, the location of the license plate on the top of the headlamp is not at the bottom as in general, motorcycle in Indonesia.

Still on the front, Yamaha has also used a diameter of 41 mm telescopic fork that is claimed to be the largest in its class. Parts of the legs are also quite solid with the placement of the tire size 100/80-R17 tubeless types.

Information about motor also displayed clearly on the indicator panel LCD digital models. Speedometer, tachometer, fuel meter, engine indicators, and the gear indicator and the indicator lamp clearly displayed both day and night.

Turn again to the middle of the motor; Yamaha designed the seat with the model of stacking between the riders with a passenger. When the driver's seat is comfortable enough to accommodate the buttocks, but when trying sat so passengers, then felt a little sick.

Just below the tank, Byson allowed to appear "naked" for the sake of showing the engine 153 cc 4-stroke water-cooled SOHC hers. Yamaha also claims Byson machine equipped with a special spark plug cooling system parts Yamaha mixing. The goal remains the spark plug in order to work optimally, and this technology does not exist in other motors.

The majority of V-ixion also adopted machinery sector though still not using fuel injection mechanism. With this type of wet clutch 5-speed, reliable gear changes also took place between smooth and responsive urban characters in motor sport.

Moving into the stern, quite unique stop lamp made different from the many outstanding motor sport in Indonesia. Location of brake light is located to the spakbor not embedded in the back of the body, or rather close to the rear number plate. His character is futuristic, but for those who are unfamiliar with this view will be considered a bit odd.

However when viewing the rear tire, probably all agree Byson go back one step above any other motor sport. Not excessive, considering the Yamaha dare cram a round rubber type size 120/80-R17 tubeless rims with a width of 3.5.

This section should be the pride of Byson than motor sport competitors. For bikers though no longer need to up-grade the rear tires in order to appear more manly and able to tread the asphalt more qualified. However, Yamaha is still satisfied with the use of brake type drum to the rear tire. According to Yamaha motor sport 70 percent of consumers use the front brake than the rear brake, so it does not seem too significant to use the rear brake discs.

Great body, muscular legs, and the 153 cc engine, being a Yamaha Byson’s capital to try to maintain a sports motorcycle segment manufacturer's tuning fork symbol.

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