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Danger! Three Million Grand Cherokee Vulnerable Burned

Consumers in the United States requested the Organization to the Institute of Road Traffic Safety America (NHTSA) to examine the inside of the fuel tank of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is estimated that the number reached 3 million units and institutions are already conducting the investigation, on the next Tuesday could be announced soon.

According to the New York Times NHTSA will conduct investigations into the Jeep products are for the years 1993 and 2004 production. Match report from consumer associations, the fuel tank is very vulnerable to a fire if hit from behind.

Motor Vehicle Fire Research Institute in Charlottesville claiming that bolt rear stabilizer bar is just one inch from the tank. It is possible to penetrate the tank when beaten from behind and cause a fire.

In view of that institution, this is more of a serious problem. His responsibilities also come into question because of the 44 incidents, 64 people lost their lives. While Chrysler's own party has not made a statement.

"Chrysler Group cooperated fully with NHTSA to investigate the production of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993-2004. It is important to note, if this is still under investigation, not a recall," said Michael Palese, a spokesman for the company Chrysler to New York Times.

He added that the Grand Cherokee 1993-2004 meets or exceeds all applicable safety and has an excellent record.

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