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World's Lightest SuperMoto

Bikers worldwide now apparently love motor Trend SuperMoto models. Various innovations were being developed.

Recently, New NCR Leggera 1200 Special mention is that there SuperMoto lightest planet in the universe. Thus was launched from Motorcyclenews.

Leggera 1200 also considered the lowest series is lighter than the Ducati because it only weighs 57 kg. Motor weight reduction is due to the use of titanium materials on all of frames.

Taken from the base of the previous generation that is Leggera 1100, SuperMoto also been using the front brake of ceramic carbon materials and carbon fiber body. Consequently, in addition to the weight of a shrinking, the motor speed is also an increase of 20 bhp.

Increase power also is not merely a result of using lightweight materials, but also the implementation of larger cylinders, valves of titanium materials, as well as the engine cover of magnesium materials.

There was also too short exhaust GP-style also contribute power output is now able to reach 110.2 bhp.

This bike feels really expensive, but with the weights they had, maybe the sensation of driving a 1200 Leggera can be very special.

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