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Inter Car Communication Technology Will Be Trends

TECHNOLOGY inter car communications will become a trend in an effort to improve vehicle safety from potential conflicts. But not just the technology, its use also requires government approval for the related use of the wave.

Currently many manufacturers to develop even introduce their inter car communication features. Just mentions Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen, BMW and Volvo, including General Motors will introduce the second generation of the same technology.

In cooperation with the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium (C2C-CC), GM is demonstrating for the first time inter car communication system or "vehicle to-X". This tool works in accordance with the type of car used.

The system works to give warning to the driver if there is a potential collision with another car. At a certain distance, both cars will share information about the position and velocity through the sensor. This system also can provide information to the driver if there was another car stopped at a position that is not visible, like corners or bend and can lead to conflict.

This technology is equipped with a microprocessor, GPS receivers, and wireless LAN modules. With these tools, the car can communicate within a radius of less than 100 meters distance. The result of communication or warning, delivered through voice or display on the dashboard.

Ford recently introduced a technology called Smart Technology intersection. This system also utilizes GPS and wireless communication to connect with traffic lights and road markings. Nissan and Volvo also announced the use of the same technology in the near future.

If this system has been realized in the car, it is not impossible if done in the future development. So the driver no longer needs to manually direct the car to a goal to be achieved. Live setup, the car will drive itself automatically.

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