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Wow, There's Road Layered Swarovski Crystal

You certainly understand correctly with Swarovski crystals. These crystals will always attract people who are often used as jewelry sparkle womanhood.

For many years, Swarovski crystals appear in almost every fashion stores of the world through various types of products. Ranging from jewelry, clothing, bags, accessories and even penetrated to the vehicle.

However, Bulgaria is now providing another option. The crystals were used as the dividing line the street in Bulgaria Sozopol and Primorsko by the Road Safety Association (RSA) of Bulgaria.

"The reason for using this crystal clear in terms of security, not to make the street look bling-bling," wrote Autoevolution, Wednesday (08/11/2010).

RSA Bulgaria has approved the use of Swarovski crystals for USD30.000. These crystals will be mixed with paint markings will be used as a roadblock to look bright even in conditions of heavy rain or foggy weather.

For some field road that veered sharply, then the RSA Bulgaria using crystals with larger size for better visibility for passing motorists.

When this solution proved to be an effective way to reduce the number of accidents, the Bulgarians could become a new trendsetter in the world's highways.

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