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The Car with 1610 km / hour Speed!

Lovers of speed on land would be very happy to hear this news. Yesterday, a British mechanical team revealed a model car that can drive faster than 1,000 mph or 1610 km / hr.

Replica car is called Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC) along the 12.8-meter is the result of study findings for three years.

The model became a star on the Farnborough International Air Show this year. The team had also been announced that Hampson Industries aerospace factory will start making cars in the first quarter of 2011.

"The presence of Hampson Industries, a manufacturing project we have secured half of the car body. This marks a major step in this project, "said project director Richard Noble.

"Hampson Industries is the representative of the prosperity of the skills we have in the UK and underlines the importance of maintaining this expertise." Another agreement to make the front with another company is also soon to see the final point. "Now we're in route to produce this car as a whole," said Mark Chapman, the chief mechanic, told the BBC.

"We hope to bring these vehicles into the streets in the UK in late 2011 or early 2012." Assuming no major problems that arise from the tests on the streets, Bloodhound will be taken to a dry lake known as Hakskeen Pan, in the Northern Cape of South Africa, to begin testing the fastest record in the mainland.

To claim the record, the car should be better than time records obtained Thrust supersonic car earlier in the year 1997. The car was capable of a speed of 763 mph or 1228 km / hr. Bloodhound first test will be conducted in the year 2012.

However, the team believes, Bloodhound superior aerodynamic form, combined with the power of Falcon hybrid rocket and jet engine-EJ200 the Eurofighter Typhoon, will carry the blue and orange car that reached speeds of more than 1000 mph (1610 km / h).

Several engine tests have been done and the results are successful, the machine is fully capable of lifting power with a maximum of 90kN produce thrust without any problems. In total, Bloodhound produce 133 159 bhp. Strength equivalent to 180 Formula One car.

Three people who worked on the Thrust will also be invited in this Bloodhound project. They are Wing Car driver Andy Green, project director Richard Noble and Ron Ayres aerodynamics expert.

The trio are not only designed the Bloodhound as the record-breaking, but also as a project that hopefully will inspire children to want to study the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Machinery and Mathematics). Bloodhound Education Program was announced at Farnborough. Meanwhile, about 1.5 million high school students currently use the curriculum resource materials based on supersonic car.

A replica of the car was on display in Farnborough Air show weekend ini.Jika actual vehicle weighs six tons, then the replica is made from polystyrene and fiber glass, it weighs 950 kg. The visitors also will have a chance to see an additional model aerodynamic design team that created Bloodhound car could be driven.

Before you reach that point, the car produces lift in the number of dangerous at high speeds on the model. However, by playing the position and form a key element of the rear of the car, the design team to find solutions that will set the shockwave that passes around and under the vehicle when it became supersonic. This effort was assisted by the project sponsor, Intel.

Company's computer chip capable of carrying large computer power to solve the problem of lift. "This is called a configuration of 10," said Chapman. "It's very stiff in the rear, the car was getting a track-in a very narrow section. Between November and March, we reduce the ability to lift 11 tons to 0 - the ability to lift at Mach 1.3. At this point, we had an aerodynamic shape that you can see the replica of that car. This car is very stable. "

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