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Coupe vs Sedan - What's the difference?

What is the difference between the coupe and sedan? For most people the answer is simple: 4-door sedan and coupe 2. After all this, like all car manufacturers have been identified in recent years. Thus, the answer is so simple? No, not really. Like most things automotive, there is unnecessary confusion has been filed, until recently, because some car manufacturers are trying to differentiate their cars are called 4-door coupe, along with other, seemingly contradictory name.
But the term "4-door coupe," although it may be stupid, in fact, a legitimate claim. is "2-door sedan, no matter how much you otherwise I would not. Thus, to be used in the world, 2-door coupe and 4-door sedan, in which a strange fit these descriptions, and as a means?

What is coupe?
Coupe, usually seen as a closed body, 2-door car, often in the sporting character. Coupe, usually two or four seats in the 2 +2 seating configuration, so that it gives only two seats in the rear (unlike the standard 3) and the place is less than the national average. For your convenience, to sit in the back of type 2 +2 seats, you have a small child or an adult who, as it turned out, no feet.
Technically, coupe, like the hard disk less than 33 cubic meters of rear interior volume is defined. Typically, cars with less than 33 cubic meters of rear interior volume has only two doors, so the usual practice of combining the two doors to the term "coupe". Nevertheless, there are many cars that only two doors, but more than 33 cubic meters in the back. These machines, while the coupe can be called the manufacturer, technically two-door limousines. Examples of 2-door sedan, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Mercedes CL-Class, Chevy Monte Carlo, and surprisingly, the Mazda RX-8 (though it is a little different story.)

What is Sedan?
We usually combined with large sedans, 4-door, the roof is closed cozy space, machines can accommodate 4 or 5 good way to see the sedan is a fixed B-pillar between the front and rear windows.

Alternatively, coupe, sedan technically a closed car with a roof to determine the greater or equal to 33 cubic feet of rear interior volume. It makes me wonder if the recent self-determination "4-door coupe, in fact, by definition coupe. This Lamborghini Estoque, Aston Martin Rapide and Porsche Panamera includes embarrassing. I have a problem with understanding for the end of the 4-door coupe. If you have a small internal volume of the back, which is an advantage of four doors? If you have a sports car, which has two seats behind, as well, and get a 2-door coupe with 2 +2 configuration. If you have a family transporter, get a sports sedan.

Okay, so we know the difference between technical coupe and sedan. What now? I still have a taxi 2 door coupe, and a car, 4-door sedan. "There is no need for this confusing technical differences. We should ignore the marketing BS is used. Although the term" 4-door coupe "is technically correct, it is stupid.

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