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Select and Care Car Vacuum Cleaner

Cars can be used as a second home for those who possess it. Functions are concurrent. No longer merely as a means of transportation, but also holds the offices, archives, and walking closet.

More and more things taken away, excrement was more and more perching. If you want to be cleaned and have the salon car, not a minute clears time-consuming.

If you do not already have the tools, here are tips on select and maintain a vacuum cleaner.

Many of today, select the latest series because it usually has to apply new technologies so that risk of damage is smaller.
This is the brand of choice:
1. Dorakyura: No disposable cables, suction and has two tongues can reach the seat cracks.

2. 12V DC Coido: Easy to carry, but the current extension cord is too short.

3. Air Compressor 12V Krisbow: dual function, in addition to sucking debut, also can be used for pumping the tires

4. Nilfisk Power Allergy: Artificial Danish, equipped motor, low noise, and HEPA filters.

5. Nilfisk Coupe: The dimensions are smaller and lighter than 3 kg. Loudness of 78 dB, 7 dB louder than Allergy.

6. Nilfisk Aero 20: Able to dry and wet vacuuming. Capable of aspirated air flow 3600 l / min. His voice was 67 dB. Yclonic system

In addition to the above types of cyclonic action vacuum cleaner could be a consideration. In addition to the long lifetime because the motor is not easily blocked, can also separate the small and large dust.

Perform regular maintenance vacuum cleaner, especially on the filters and dust container because the second part of this very vulnerable. To filter, clean with a toothbrush or small paintbrush, while the container is disposable cloth.

Store in a safe place that is not affordable children. Do not be pressured by other goods.

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