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10 Cars with the Best Audio on Audiophile version

Porsche Panamera
Auto Trend - Right now, it's been a lot of car manufacturers who have been seriously working on their sound car audio systems. It does not even hesitate to embrace the top audio manufacturers to work together to develop the best audio systems in vehicles.

The car manufacturers are aware that the need for entertainment is currently not simply just good to hear, but more than that. Especially for audiophile consumers who are critical and have a high demand for a quality sound system.

Here are 10 cars with the best sound system according to the 'audiophile' in US, which released by the Popular Mechanics magazine.

1. Mazdaspeed3 2011

We started with a 'cheapest' Bose stereo system that embedded in the Mazdaspeed3 2011. With it has provided 10 speakers, the sound produced for the current size is not too powerful.

However, audio-powered 265-watt presented by Bose entry in the category 'premium audio. " This system is capable of presenting sound 'crisp' and balanced community bond accompanied by the sound of the boom-mounted subwoofer with smart in the middle of the spare tire.

2. Infiniti M 2012

Like the previous generation, Infiniti M37 luxury sport sedan provides exceptional audio quality when equipped with audio system arable by Bose Studio Surround System. By offering 5.1 channel format, 16 speakers are available on the Infiniti M37 is very impressive. Especially when he plays high-fidelity DVD audio.

Although not known how large the maximum power that can be generated by this system, but for whatever reason, this audio system sounds have never felt the slightest power in various levels of sound.

3. Volkswagen Jetta GLI 2012

Starting with the Jetta GLI, Volkswagen released a new premium audio system 400 watts power, which was created with Fender, an American brand known as a manufacturer of Stratocaster guitar than stereo equipment.

After three years of cooperation between VW Panasonic and Fender, created a system that puts the clarity of sound in different volume ranges. Indeed, this sounds like a strategy of cooperation of sales, but sound cannot lie.

For the audiophile, this is a new standard in entry-level automotive products that easily surpass Dynaudio premium audio system that has traditionally offered by VW.

4. Chrysler 300 SRT8 2012

The redesign in the 300 SRT8 sedan made by Chrysler presents the premium audio system made by Harman Kardon. This system offers the power of 12-channel amplifier, which could burst sound power up to 900 watts.

Then the power is distributed in 19 speakers, consisting of 7 mid-range 3.5-inch diameter speaker, each of which has an integrated tweeter. This system is supported by 5 conventional subwoofer designs on the rear deck measuring 10 inches.

The advantage of this system is, the power of audio on the SRT could produce a very strong jolt just like the power of the engine sound that behind the hood of its motor.

5. Mitsubishi Outlander 2011

The Mitsubishi usually forgets sUVs Outlander. Therefore, it is a surprise Outlander entry in the list. This vehicle offers an optional package in the form of Rockford Fosgate Punch stereo system 710 watts of power. It is quite phenomenal for a car with a price tag of less than U.S. $ 30 thousand.

It carry audio system thrusting digital sound processing facilities (DSP) capable of delivering sound with high quality by relying only six speakers, including a diameter of 10-inch subwoofer capable of producing a sound like in luxury cars.

6. Acura TL 2012

The sophistication of the Acura ELS audio system are available at all levels of the TL except at the pre-eminent model of the Acura RL which ironically, is still using the old system made by Bose is considered a failure.

Audio engineer Elliot Scheiner, Grammy-Award winner, designed Acura TL Audio System. The system is equipped with 10 speakers powered 440-watt surround sound quality audio equivalent in the studio.

This system can accommodate the full 24 bits of digital data with 96 kHz audio commonly found on DVD-A disc format that currently may still hold as a store of sound with the highest quality.

7. Lexus LS 2011

Lexus LS is one of the first vehicle to truly implement more advanced audio system in the era of the 90s. Today they continue to be traditions through an audio system 7.1-channel surround sound format the work of Mark Levinson, one of the world's leading audio brands.

The resulting power system is indeed only 450 watts, far from the powerful category. But this system only has a harmonic distortion of less than 0.1% and use the speakers with a membrane made of metal that could reproduce sound in a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 hertz. Perfect ...

8. Mercedes-Benz CLS550 2012

Only by adding fund of U.S. $ 6,400 Mercedes-Benz S550 owners can get a BeoSound premium audio system from Bang & Olufsen. Together with an acoustic lens, 15 speakers that carry the exterior grille are able to present the sensation of broader space and atmosphere.

Equipped with two separate power amplifiers, capable of producing up to 1200 watts of total power. Main Power In Car Entertainment (ICE) has a 750watt power. He worked with the existing power units on digital signal processing (DSP) which serves to change the digital signal into 7.1 channels surround sound format

9. Audi A8 2012

Audi A8 luxury sedan packed in a package of audio-tech state-of-the-art. It’s not surprising if the audio system is one of the best according to the experts and audiophile’ connoisseurs.

The cost to get this powerful audio options reach more than U.S. $ 6,000, and Bang & Olufsen for Audi designed it together with the stage of manufacture of the vehicle itself. Digital amplifier system brings tremendous strength reach a total of 1400 watts.

Amplifier power is then distributed to 19 units each speaker who designed and placed it in accordance with the acoustics and space in the cabin Audi A8. Even his new tweeter device will come out of hiding when the audio system is turned on.

10. Porsche Panamera 2011

Top places apparently occupied by Porsche Panamera. The audiophile stated that they had never heard the sound of another car that is better than the car. He has a package offering powerful audio Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH more than 1,000watts, which is distributed in 16 individual operation speakers. This system uses 9.8-inch active subwoofer has a power of 300 watts.

This package is not a standard facility. Even in model Panamera Turbo S, the owner had to spend up to U.S. $ 3,990 more to redeem Burmester audio system to complement its Bose Surround Sound System.

Meanwhile, Bose audio itself is also an optional facility for several lower variants, which are also, must be redeemed at U.S. $ 1,440. Wow ... It was too expensive so to spoil our ears ...

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