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BMW 328 Hommage Concept

Auto Trend - Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este on Italy is the location where the producers of cars and classic car owners gathered of the exhibition last week to hold their goods in the year 2011 edition.

Prestigious event among the top automotive has also been used to being the place to bring the latest concept sports car. One of them was BMW 328 Hommage Concept.

BMW 328 Hommage was made to coincide with 75th anniversary celebrated by the original model. Views vehicle-based or at least it seems developed from concept ConnectedDrive Vision Roadster was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 last.

For vehicles that are driven by a line 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3.0 liters is more retro look while maintaining its flavor futuristic, BMW designers use certain elements that exist on the original 328, then adapted on the roadster concept.

One of them is a form double-kidney grille elongated vertical that missed by the fans of the BMW, a leather strap across the hood, covering the middle of a classic style wheel, and windshield double with a niche in the middle. The doors are also not used to imitate the style of the original 328.

To maintain the original roadster philosophy that light, most of the exterior and interior components BMW 328 Hommage is made of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic), which according to the BMW is lighter but also more stable than aluminum.

Two seats in interior got a touch of retro that far fewer than the exterior parts are made by the designers of the BMW with a minimalist touch. Construction materials using carbon fiber and aluminum plus skin a deliberately visible on the inside.

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