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How to Identify Problems in Automatic Transmission

Auto Trend - Automatic transmission car does have a line of excellence rather than a manual transmission. More practical and does not make sore left foot at a time when a traffic jam.

Automatic transmission has a potential risk of greater damage, because its components are more complex.

It’s important for this kind of diligent in early detection of possible damage to these devices. So how to recognize the signs of transmission problems?

1. Checking the transmission lubricant

The first step that must be done is to examine the presence or absence or transmission lubricant oil seepage. The trick is open the bonnet and around the transmission-related. When the oil leaks, it means the transmission system problems.

In addition, you are also advised to check the oil through the indicator stick. When the oil is brown-black and there are fine iron powders, it means that the transmission was problematic. There are indications that show great friction between components.

2. Perform a test drive

If it turns out the condition of oil is still good, it does not mean the possibility of a problem no longer exists. Because of that, another step to try is to do a test drive. The trick is moving the transmission from P-R-N-D sequentially starting from stationary position.

Perform this step slowly on each transition from one position to another. When you feel choked, it means there is a problem in the transmission system.

3. Listen to the sound transmission

This method does look trivial and playful. It’s precise enough to detect the presence or absence problem. Previously, make sure the area around the car is not noisy or noisy that you could actually hear it clearly.

After that, turn on the car without activating the audio equipment and appliances air conditioners (AC). Then, open the hood of the car and listen carefully, is there a buzzing sound like boiling water from teapot spout.

If there is a voice like that, it means the transmission system problems.
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