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Ford Escape’s Baggage Door Glass Easily Broken

Auto Trend - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration /NHTSA began investigating the case of 200 thousand SUVs Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner 2010-2011 model after receiving complaints stating glass rear window that had suddenly broken.

NHTSA had received 18 complaints which recorded that the glass is suddenly shattered, when the device is opened or closed. One case was suspected to result in a woman and her 10-year-old son injured by broken glass.

NHTSA was revealed, the incident often occurs during cold weather. NHTSA said that Ford had issued an internal technical service bulletin to their dealers on November 22, 2010 which related to cases of glass rear window rupture on the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner.

The bulletin says, "number of the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner 2010-2011 output or made prior to October 15, 2010 may have broken glass rear window (liftgate window), which generally occurs when the ambient temperature is cooler. "

Some documents instructing dealers to improve the situation by replacing the glass after a check if there are signs of collision or damage that may lead to rupture of the glas. Ford’s parties still recommend the replacement of glass that although there were no signs in question.

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