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VW 1.4 TSI Engine Won Engine of the Year

VW 1.4 TSI engine
Auto Trend - VOLKSWAGEN (VW), once again won the Engine of the Year Awardâ for the 1.4 TSI engine in the category of 1.0 to 1.4-liter engine. Due to the principle of twincharger engine that combines turbocharger and supercharger,
1.4 TSI has a real advantage of being able to produce higher torque engines and the use of highly efficient fuel.

Volkswagen TSI is on the right track to sustainable mobility in the future. Compared with other machines, TSI showed better results, both in terms of fuel efficiency and exhaust emissions are produced.

The jury was also impressed with the fact that the TSI engine is not only recorded outstanding results for fuel efficiency gasoline engine (petrol), but also able to work perfectly for fuel gas (Eco Fuel).

Total of 65 judges from 32 automotive different countries, provide an assessment of the Volkswagen TSI 1.4 engine based on the parameters: drive ability, noise levels, smooth running, and fuel economy. Dr. Hermann Middendorf from Volkswagen Petrol Engine Development received the award at a ceremony in Stuttgart.
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