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Advanced Bike Without Chain

Alpha Bike
Auto Trend - University of Pennsylvania offered a unique prototype bike called Alpha Bike. This is a bike that turns the wheels do not use alias chainless chain drive. A quite amazing is, the driving system can be changed from fixed gear to freewheel mode electronically.

Bicycle production is
entirely carried out in-house. Both drive systems, brake systems, and electronic equipment, all hidden inside the bike frame. Amazingly, this human-powered vehicle has a LCD screen on the handlebars that can update a variety of travel information.

At the bottom bracket at a location mechanism Alpha Bike Switchable Integrated Free-Fixed Transmission (SWIFT) Drive system designed by the University of Pennsylvania senior Mechanical Engineer that is Geoff Johnson, Lucas Hartman, Katie Savarise, Evan Dvorak, Katie Rohacz together with Dr. Jonathan Fiene as supervisor.

SWIFT Feature utilizing electronically regulated clutch to change between modes fixed-gear and freewheel, who joined the central axis made of maraging steel AMS-6514, a clutch plate and pulley 6Al4V Titanium-belt pulleys made of stainless steel.

Front wheel hub shaft or drum brakes and dynamo include providing power for electronic devices, supplying electricity to two of the super capacitor in order to perform various functions of sensors and micro-controller device. While the rear wheel axle, planetary-gear contains a compact 3-speed that is controlled via a conventional cable.

LCD screen on the handlebar offers the rider with a variety of useful information like: time, distance, cadence, wheel speed and gear selected. Information dynamics of the bike itself is stored in an SD card that can be checked upon completion of driving.

Unfortunately, no information is available about the comparative performance of the prototype drive system without this chain with the conventional model. Not also given information whether this vehicle will be produced or not.

A clear goal of this project is to create a bike with a system that is more compact and integrated. Thanks to their creations, the team Alpha Bike maker managed to get a gift Gemmil Award in the event the Senior Design Competition 2011, held by the University.

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