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Most Favorite Car of Osama bin Laden

This article Favorite Car of Osama bin Laden is not offense to any brand of Car. Just open Your mind!
Mercedes-Benz 350 SE
Interestingly, of all the existing cars, Osama always buy a Mercedes-Benz. In the book Bin Laden (Behind The Mask of Terrorist) by Andrew Robinson, noted, Obama's interest in Mercedes-Benz even been started since a teenager. Andrew Robinson said, while studying in Beirut, Osama bin Laden is already used to the glamorous life.
For college, he has two Mercedes-Benz, the Mercedes-Benz 350 SE and the Mercedes-Benz 220. In the era of the 1970s Mercedes-Benz 350 SE Mercedes-Benz 220 and not a car carelessly. The car that still adopt this technology can be poured energy SOHC 199 horsepower. Quite fast for a sedan saloon.
Mercedes-Benz 220

Another with Mercedes-Benz 220 owned by Osama. This car is used daily Osama in Beirut. The car that has a W115 engine code is special because it is the first step for the Mercedes-Benz in the design of modern cars after World War II. Through the Mercedes-Benz 220, Mercedes-Benz for the first time introduced the automatic transmission.
Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota Land Cruiser

Besides Mercedes-Benz, Osama also like the cars like the Land Cruiser range. Land Cruiser is renowned tough on the barren terrain in Arabia. By driving his four wheel drive, this car is relatively easy to beat fierce desert. See special selected cars Osama, the terrorist leader is very reasonable if it does have a special taste in the automotive world.
In a videotape that appeared on Al Jazeera TV in 2001, the Land Cruiser owned by Al Qaeda is seen marching. This car is equipped with a siren like that of police on the roof.
And consequently, in the U.S., because his car was known as Osama Bin Laden, Land Cruiser often get trouble from U.S. citizens and furious fun with Osama Bin Laden. They scribble Land Cruiser body with spray paint, making the car body abrasions or other acts of vandalism. 

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