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Effective Bicycle Lights

Auto Trend - Are you one of bike’s fans? Or are you in assembling or updating old bike? You can equip your bike with a small lamp Light & Motion Vis 360 that can be installed on the front or rear of a bicycle or even on the helmet.

Light & Motion Vis 360 is designed perfectly.
Despite the small size weighing 4 ounces, this lamp is equipped with other applications that more powerful and very bright to 110 lumens.

At a cost of $ you can get a Vis 360package containing three bright red lights for the back of the bike (two on the helmet and one on the rear, under the seat bike) and two yellow lights on the front.

Light & Motion Vis 360 is equipped with long battery life. If you turn on two low lights and other is bright, Light & Motion Vis 360 battery can last for about 15 hours. More info you can see in

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