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Maserati Launches Exclusive Bike

Auto Trend - Producing bicycle seemed to be trend among European car manufacturers. Starting by the BMW M Division, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, even Lumma known as the German tuner companies do not want to lose. So it's not a surprise if the Maserati, the Italian sports car manufacturer makes a bike too.

For matters of precision, Maserati joined a bicycle maker, Sisilia Montante Cicli to
develop and produce bicycle 8CTF. The name was taken from the name of the famous Maserati racing car and won the Indianapolis 500 miles in the year 1939-1940.

For Maserati 8CTF, Montante only produce 200 units and to affirm its limitations, each unit equipped with the exclusive production numbers. While the bike itself, is custom tailored to adjust the rider.

As in the fourth wheel products, Maserati 8CTF have trident logo with a silver background color in the front fork axis which he said was inspired by Maserati dragster supercharger-engined 3.0 liter. Maserati Logo style of the 1930s in the framework was inspired from a metal plate which is used as a marker identifying the chassis car.

Montante limited edition for Maserati 8CTF bikes available through reservations at Maserati online stores at a price Euro 3600 equivalent to U.S. $ 5,210.

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