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2010 Lexus 250h HS test processing 35-MPG Hybrid Techy

Newport Beach, California, is cars that are more fuel efficient, and luxury cars. But still not quite a car that, in both areas. Of course, Lexus has a full range of hybrids. But these hybrids are, for the orientation with a slight hit in performance. So, if you have excellent fuel efficiency of Toyota, Toyota purchase. Not anymore. New Saturday 250h combines luxury with thrift now, so you can fuel luxury Lexus sedan.-James Tate

HS-250h some of their bases with the Toyota Avensis. But under the hood of a Lexus 2.4-liter four-cylinder power hybrid Camry hybrid. And if you try that a large platform in the right lane, in which pleasure Camry power. HP delivers a total of 187 with the same drive Lexus, Lexus, and expresses a strong 8.4-second 0 to 60 miles / h sprint time and an excellent 35 MPG, if you are in town or highway.

The suspension is unique in SA 250h. A much stronger and fully independent rear setup. If you opt for the Touring package, you have tuned shock damping sports, as well as for treatment.

Select the package and Technology SA 250h are not one, not two, and four-camera, camcorder look around blind corners on the front of the vehicle to back up the other rail systems, and finally see your face or drowsiness distractedness. There is a radar on board, as well as the cruise control system. But much of this technology is the HMI (Human Machine Interface), which is the best driver in haptic built. The intuitive interface simply blows from many of Lexus luxury German rivals.

Lexus Enform is not very different from the GM OnStar. Just press the button and speak with a representative to recommend places of interest, then the beam of his navigation system (if you have one). Its features include automatic collision notification, control, SOS button and roadside assistance. In the first year free, and there is another record after that, without prior notice. The navigation system also works with XM NavTraffic, NavWeather, sports and stocks.

If you have installed in the cabin, and with a wide range of buttons, buttons and switches, despite the excellent, Human Machine Interface Mousel, could collapse. The interior of the techy SA is very nice and cool and directed the driver, for example, Prius. We now assign the throttle to the floor when he, after a sharp rise from the road. Lexus recently, the use of a hybrid Camry at the disk, you can feel the waves of time. The bad: HS-250h in the cabin a little bit of fashion and, like all hybrids continuously gearbox is mild in comparison with the normal transmission.

Suspension notes that for a long time that the HS 250h are not clearly defined in the luxury sport sedans. This is especially true when one is selected with the optional 18-inch wheels (225/45R18 rubber). This hybrid has excellent balance through the corners, despite the additional weight of batteries on board. Brake feel is typical fare of hybrid pedal feels vague, at best, more like arcade racing games for a mechanical connection with the tweezers. We have similar problems with electrical power steering (EPS), which is a good first time, but shortly after the comments. However, one must remember that the mission of this car is the economy, not canyon carving, and compact system EPS is responsible for the 3-percent gain in fuel economy for the hydraulic unit.

Lane Keep Assist system not only steering wheel vibrates and gives an audible warning if you have gone astray, but also brings the car back on the right path. And SA is the manager and the EV-mode, with a car on the drive at a speed of 20 miles / h for several miles under the power of feet in front of the gas engine. On the other side of this equation is the white power. There was no significant difference between the power and the normal mode, because if you're fast, have a word, that power is used.

Lexus has not announced pricing for the SA. But suppose we go into the slot alignment between IS and ES sedans. Indeed, SA is not a sports sedan enthusiasts. And do not offer sufficient improvement to other cars Lexus. But it should be 35 MPG (or, even better, depending on their abilities hypermiling), regardless of road conditions. But for many buyers of hybrids that are more than just about anything else.

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