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Ferrari shows better at the end of the season

Grand Prix of Spain was a great design Ferrari F1. The car is much faster, but it is too late in the race for the questions, to make changes.

Ferrari, of course, is a symbol for Formula One team "Manchester United" or the New York Yankees F1, if you will. This is not a symbol for many years the team. A poorly designed car, reliability and irregular terrible command decisions led to a humiliating just three points over the year. This implies that all changes to the Grand Prix of Spain. Updates with new design, the Ferrari cars of Felipe Mass and Kimi Raikkonen were in the forefront. Not quite.

The good news is that changes in the design of the car with the Ferrari has improved. The car is much faster and seems to have jumped out the rear window on the front panel. Nevertheless, it still seems to take the maximum speed headcheese GP alone. The car seems to be neck and neck with the Red Bull at the second fastest car on the track.

Thus, Ferrari back in the game world championship? No, the car has improved, but reliability and poor command decisions yet. Kimi Raikkonen bears the brunt of these two agents in Spain. First of all, lost in the last round of qualifying and finishing in the top 16 line-up. Secondly, his car during a race at the front of the DUP at the ninth position.

Felipe Massa also seems strange that the only Ferrari. Not once, twice, but his car was not properly filled fuel during pit stops. This led to a courageous battle for fourth place, which is emitted when it is too slow sharply in the last round until late in the race without fuel. Nevertheless, the sixth since it was also his first points for the season.

Ferrari has improved significantly. There should be a season and plans for 2010. The drivers have 38 points of leader Jenson button in the drivers world championship, and even farther behind in the constructors championship. Now is the time to be realistic and start working on more cars in 2009.

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