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Exclusive 100 MPG Plug-In Hummer H3 test drive the prototype EV-track production in 2011

Burbank, Calif., Chevy Volt Production inch closer to the idea of expanding the concept of power for larger vehicles is tempting. So if Raser Technologies announced its 100-MPG-equivalent in the Hummer H3 SAE 2009 World Congress, grabbed the headlines. But we would like to get an idea of what it means to slide behind the wheel of Raser Plug-in prototypes of real roads. We have an opportunity two days ago as a speeder stopped briefly occupying in southern California, before the event to Sacramento with Governor Schwarzenegger. For 100-MPG Hummer in prime time? Let's find out. Ben Stewart

Raser Technologies, lobster is the company's merger integration partners General Motors and FeV. Performance comparable with V, that is the electric vehicle, which is an internal combustion engine to recharge the batteries when the plug-in duties packages expire. And unlike conventional hybrid, the engine does not power the vehicle. Technologies developed by Raser motor develops 200 kW peak, and this, combined with the front of the GM 4L60E four-speed transmission in which the torque transfer of securities, and the two front and rear axles. Provides electrical power up to 40 miles before the series begins with a gas engine, in which packages more than 400 miles.

Under the hood is GM ECOTEC Turbo four-cylinder, a similar device in the Pontiac GXP Solstice. The engine, a generator, which charges three batteries. Two lithium-ion batteries, located on both sides of the bottom is located at the rear of the chassis. A total of 41 packages offer kWh. The car batteries are lithium-ion super polymer and the Canadian supplier Electrovaya. Raser, but works with Korean SK Enerdel suppliers. The package of chilled liquid, such as an electric motor. Raser PHEV program manager and a former engineer of Honda KC Jones said: "The supplier of Lithium batteries come in the automotive market sweet it is not the same as consumer electronics or power tools, new ways for them. For more than chemistry, they need to pack, which will constantly resist, for example, driving up to 10 years. "

This truck has a power converter installed in the compartment in the export of energy to various situations, such as a travel emergency or failure. Once in production underhood generator to be integrated and become a valuable tool for fleet sales of utility services, for mobile sources of energy. Although Raser H3 with a prototype for enhancing power system scalable up to full-size pickups like Ford F-150 or Chevy Silverado.

Turn the key, as in the majority of EVS, you will not hear much. Indicator lights in the group, and these are some issues, the warning code as you would expect in the prototype. In this scenario, on the stereo and climate controls is a screen that shows how energy flows in various systems in the truck. In production, Raser this picture will be on-screen navigation population.

As the power, in spite of the traditional four-speed automatic, which you pull the lever to "D" and press the accelerator, as you have in any car. But the sound is not silence. Since it is not a torque converter, speeder should be enough pressure to transfer, so I hear the quiet hum of the pump until the truck moves forward. Raser with conventional hydraulic pump, but this can only be heard from outside the vehicle.

Unlike most electric vehicles, Hummer is not directly on the front lines. In the H3 is a development tool, and electric engine offers 300 lb-ft of torque at zero rpm, to ensure that the pieces of scrap metal, the efficiency in the throttle valve smooth start. According to Jones, the evidence in the development of society, the dramatic ramp power. After today, go largely silent, except for the slight buzz of all terrain tires. Our trip was short, only 15 minutes. The distance was not enough to leak the battery is sufficient to ECOTEC for loading packages. But this part of the puzzle is in development. In theory, four-cylinder is only used as a generator and would be contrary to the rpm. But Jones said that may not be the ideal solution for any situation. If the client is sitting at a red light, and the truck engine while, say, 3000 rpm, it seems very strange that the drivers and other road users. Thus, Jones said that the best solution would be that the slower the engine idling, in situations in which imitates the normal cars.

A glance it is obvious that the speeder H3 is a bit smaller than the regular production of Hummer. This is because it adds a new power about 1000 pounds to 4700 pounds of truck. On the road, even at 30 to 40 miles / h, you can use the extra weight. I suspect that less obvious in the full-size pickup. Jones noted that the authorities may need more batteries now. He believes that the final product in the system may be only 26 to 28 kW. If so, the total weight of a few hundred pounds.

Raser H3 In another prototype. But the company expects that the first two vehicles of "Alpha" tests in the San Francisco Pacific Gas and Electric at the end of this year. The company has more than 12000 "soft" fleet orders for customers. Thus, in 2010, the company began beta testing with some of them with H3S lobster, lobster H3Ts, Chevy Silverado and Ford F-150s. Hopefully, in serial production in 2011.

The cost of the system, said Raser of approximately 25 percent of the total vehicle fleet. And the company is collaborating with OEM-manufacturers, so that if the vehicles with the power, the transformation continues, since most of the factory warranty period. We hope that consideration of these vehicles as a speeder is approaching production.

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