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History of Skoda Auto

Skoda is today, partly because of the lack of a response letter from the German manufacturer of bicycles for clients in 1894.

Booksellers trade, 26 - year old Václav Klement bike in need of repair. He sent a letter of application, in the Czech Republic, the German manufacturer to service your bike menu. The letter was answered. He said: "If you want an answer to your question, you should try to write in a language they understand." It is therefore imperative that we Vlacav Clement, the wheels rotate. In 1895, Clement opened a bicycle shop. He was associated with a bicycle manufacturer, Vaclav Laurin in Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic today).

In 1898, Laurin and Klement motorcyclette bought, which is a defective design. Lauren after losing a front tooth in minor accidents during the operation motorcyclette, the two men consulted a specialist in Germany, Robert Bosch ignition. He has developed an electromagnetic system. Thus, the first Slavia motorcycle made its debut in 1899.

Business was good. In 1900, with a crew of 32 officers, 150 motorcycles were built in London in the company Hewstone. Lauren Clement and company in Austria-Hungary and abroad.

The company began in 1905 cars. Laurin and Klement automobile factory was demolished in 1924 after a fire. They had no choice but to seek a partner. Merging with the Skoda factory in Czechoslovakia. Products under the name Škoda.

In a breakthrough was in 1987. Skoda car engineers, the favorite, which was considered comparable to western production.

Skoda has become the fourth brand of the German Volkswagen Group in 1991 and became an important player in the European automotive market. In 2005, Skoda has sold over 30,000 cars per year in the United Kingdom. Skoda owners have been in the United Kingdom, the mark or the top customer satisfaction survey in 2000. Currently, Mark is known for the quality, reliability and design in Australia.

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