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Maruti 800

Even after the entry of so many small cars in India, Maruti 800 in line with the rules of the road in terms of numbers. In a nutshell, the Suzuki Maruti 800 is one of the largest Subcompact Car sales in India. This is indeed a brother of the first generation of India, Suzuki Alto, and was completed in December 1984 (installed in the majority of imported components). In the 800 has become a leader in the country until the car Maruti Suzuki Alto, takes responsibility. In 800 of the world exported to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Chile. Available in some European markets, as well as the time from 1988 to 1992.

In Maruti Suzuki 800 is equipped with a 796cc in line 3 fire engines in the amount of 37 horsepower. 4 is a channel for the front, all the synchronous channel, 1 reverse. It has a steering rack. From the front suspension is McPherson support pillars and the spring, while the rear suspension has a gas-filled shock absorbers.
In Maruti Suzuki 800 reels in four variants: Standard MPI BS III, AC MPI BS III, "Norma" DUO BS III and DUO AC BS III, all options are available in metallic and non-metallic versions. In Maruti Suzuki 800 meets the Bharat III norms (in India, that the emission limit values for vehicles, have been identified as Bharat Stage III. The maximum speed at which the vehicle is tested on a chassis Dynamo, is limited to 90 km / h) and the only player in the A-segment cars.

Over the years, Suzuki Maruti 800 has received many improvements, most notable is the induction of 5-speed manual gearbox. A downward trend in sales of the manufacturer, but these are new ways to increase the sales chart. In 2005, 800 received major improvements in external and internal, technical changes have been at face value for this new route (including the strengthening of emission standards).

800 opens up the prospect of cost, low-cost services and high mileage. In a lively and compact size make it easy to maneuver in the city.

A new grille with a distinctive Suzuki brings tension to the touch or serious accident. Over the mirror, green tinted sunglasses, a lockable fuel cap and rear door locks are standard on some functions.

It currently has a 32-bit electronic control unit and a catalyst, in accordance with emission standards Bharat Stage III. 800 is suitable for the routes in India. Its compact size, thin body and a short turning radius 4.4 m, which makes him an ally on city driving and cruising on the highway.

Some of his interiors include sliding and tilting position in the front seat head restraints, glove compartment, sun visors on both sides, front and rear help to address the pocket doors, floor and luggage carpet, moldings one roof, a host of fuel gauge, rear view mirror The interior, electrical appliances, front windscreen wiper (2 speed + intermittent), cabin light (3), glass washers, air flow control, the combination of clear lens headlamps and rear lamps, the halogen lamps, air conditioning, security equipment, side impact beams, and laminated glass, additional body reinforcements, a collapsible steering column and front and rear belts.

Dual-tone interior for a little happy inside, even if the material is not what we expected. As seating is spacious and comfortable, as one would expect from a car of this size.

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