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Your vehicle tracking

In order to increase their fleet of vehicles or other installation of tracking device of vehicles.

GPRS or GPS tracking is available and reliable.

What is GPS?
GPS is an acronym term Global Positioning System. It is a network of 24 satellites that monitor such things as time, location, speed and position.

GPS free to use and works anywhere in the world. The signal is usually weeks or even work outdoors.

What is GPRS?

GPRS means General Packet Radio Service. This is a very profitable way to send and receive data over the GSM network.

With GPRS you pay for data sent and received, rather than the time associated with fleet management in real time at a very reasonable price.

GPRS is working around the world, with an appropriate GPRS coverage and accessibility of data cards to choose from ASP - Application Service Provider.

Why do I need an ASP?

In the tracker sends data on vehicle location and condition of the vehicle (or device) on a computer server.

In the Application Service Provider, can be a day that monitoring e-mail in a format that is easy to use. For example, you can create reports, or confirmation page.

Previously, records and maps fully accessible. Allows the past.

You do not have to download special software to access data. All you need is Internet access. This is ideal if you go and you want to study in its fleet.

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