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5 Tips for a safe spring motorcycle

In the hours are leap forward, the days longer and the sun as a few guests, it seems that spring is indeed here and with summer not far. For those of you who are cyclists, good weather, now is the best time for your favorite bike store and back on the road. If your bike has been stored for several months, it is not directly useful and easy to start, but here are some simple tips to make your bike back to its former glory and make sure that it was good to go.

Tires: If your bike has been all winter Saturday, you need to tire and the wheel completely. Check whether the cracks, dents, or weakness, which became a problem. Read your manual for correct tire pressure. Over inflated tires do not grip the road, but low in order not to expose the inflated tire fuel. You will also need the thread to the tire. If your bike has been all winter Saturday filament is likely to live away, but if the tire tread is less than 2 mm, should try as soon as possible. Remember that spring is the time in your area on the Council to repair the streets outside, or general content. Easily tire chips for gravel and other loose items that were left behind by mistake and that the two less than most of the tires of vehicles on the road, the risk of injury.

Battery: If you remove the battery from the bike in the winter time, to connect to a small fee, or just save that too often in freezing, a detour back to the terminals with a good cleaning and hot water and soda. If it all winter, so a quick charge and make sure that all the cracks that can lead to the freezing winter. Just quickly check all the cables, make sure you do not bend or twist (or a nibble, if your still in the garage for a few months)

Light: Days of growing, and most of us can not go to work and back home in connection with the world, but you still need to check all the lights work. Check not only the lighthouse, but the indicator lights and break. Check the width of the lighthouse was not beaten, and all the lights. Check the lentils. Look for any cracks or chips, which are cracked. If you notice excessive condensation may be a sign of division, which must be solved.

POL: If your motorcycle or Saturday throughout winter, it is better to see a complete change of engine oil to the Assembly for the first time, especially if it does not happen before they went to storage. Never mix old engine oil, break fluid, coolant, etc. new, and to ensure that all fresh. If possible, change the oil filter too. The particles in diesel fuel and gasoline will be exhausted if it is long enough, which means that even if the left side of the tank before storing bike away, the tank has not been completed. This may lead to the formation of condensate in the tank can lead to corrosion, it is easy and you can save a lot of money.

You: Finally, you have to. If it is already several months since the last visit, make sure that all your papers and documents are at present. Your insurance should be informed if your information changes (such as your address), check the breakdown cover is still in the day. Your motorcycle may be in excellent shape, but their driving skills can be a little rusty. Rather than directly on the long, winding roads, the cost amounting to about half an hour in an industrial park or a quiet Sunday morning in the first place. This is also a safer place to ensure that your bike is back to its former glory and status as well. Check your helmet and upper garments. Make sure the helmet has no cracks and chips, and your eyes are absolutely clear. No matter what the weather was nice, leather clothes, or without a horse can be dangerous. If you have a good Christmas, but seeing that his coat, and breathe at the same time.

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