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Fiat Linea

Fiat Linea creates waves in the automotive market with great looks and the latest technology. The car has great potential for its value. In this line, the enthusiasm of the new maximums. Look at the number of the driver in front of the glass and quarter glass column. I wonder how the production of such paperart engineers in the industry. Given the dual-tone Dashboard looks good, but the lack of WOW factor.

Ergonomics ever Fiat forte. but this is an exception. Ergonomics is not the best in its class, but good. The center console controls legible and accessible place. In rakish windscreen and useless compared sharply quarter glass is difficult to obtain clear vision. Nevertheless, height adjustable driver's seat and tilt steering wheel, you will find a comfortable chair. In addition, the driver scoket power is a very useful feature.

Fit and finish is a mixture, the results at a certain point, not a few points. The bad things first, the glove box, you'll need at least three attempts for closure. Even the hood is equipped with a lever-free and susceptible to breakage. But closed doors with a perfect sound. The rest of the hands, the steering lever and the door is of superior quality.
The car will be among the five options - active, dynamic, active, PK, PK emotions and impressions. Prices start from Rs5, 98,967 and rising RS8, 10004th Fiat said one car for all those in the cabin.

Fiat, we can conclude that the product for sale, that his experience and reputation, even in this recession. The line is a complete package and diesel Multijet is sure to attract new customers and city SX4. The line is also a very attractive price and cost-benefit analysis of the product. Linea has a ton of useful features. Nevertheless, we have some concerns .. Interior boring and serious, the quality of parts could be better, and, finally, the donkey (After care) to know in a few months. At the present time, welcome to the style of wheels with open hands and admire it.

ABS with EBD, two airbags, A / C ventilation for rear passengers, programmable headlights Follow me home, the head of each passenger, alloy wheels and steering wheel mounted audio controls for the voice commands make ME blue line and the price / quality product. The white backlight device is very simple and readable. ODO digital, electronic real-time digital display Mileage door indicator shows that you are (actually a good opportunity to have).

The suspension absorbs vibrations and shock easily, but the movement of the body and cab diesel clatter distrubed. It also covers the seats, and offers good support underthigh difficult and a lot of time is that the development of fatigue. At three in the back of the line is not a bad idea. Linea has enough space for legs and shoulders, with three adults. 500L barrel blessing weekend espescially units.

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