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7 days to sell your car (3)

More ads, the better the response. Not so.
Always remember that the person selling advertising space on a number of salary or commission, to which all interested in how much you need to move! You as the advertiser wants to know the answer, you need to do to sell his car.

Just because the paper or magazine audience of 1000 people a week is no guarantee that your car will sell.

For example, if you pulled me from the Yellow Pages advertising is a plumber and II need to know how many people are searching for plumber in this publication.

You can use the 1000 reader, but if someone in one florist that is not going to help?

This is the case with the sale of your vehicle. If you have a Ford for sale, a buyer who wants Mercedes not a bit interested in the ad, but you said if you have a large display, the better the response. Not true!

In advertising, the fact that many of us do not believe There are people or buyers who want to achieve. It is important to ask questions before them that the advertising. If you do not throw a lot of time and effort, as well as on their money with it.

Find out what potential buyers are interested in and prepare for the writing to the ad. I remember when I was looking for the car you buy.

Important to you? What do you research before you purchase your vehicle? Put this information in the ad, and you have a winner! Spoil yourself and get the same results as everyone else.

Good and bad results will not happen for a reason, or so that someone else model was reduced, and has the same results (good and bad) as they are!

So if you have more than you said, better answer, please leave your money in your pocket!

Most marketers, if your car is not for sale to reduce the price of your car. All this makes it more than one answer, but the problem is not in the price of the car is a real problem, which is bad advice to promote and sell your car!

Do not get me wrong, I'm not saying that advertising does not work, he is doing. But most of the time do not use the advertising paid off, that our hard-earned money on all the advantages.

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