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Popular vans - Commercial Vehicles About Toyota

Like you, we understand that the white van is not the same as the next. With so many varieties, then a truck, you should be closely focused on their profession. Here is a selection of some of the most popular Toyota vans and a few fragments of what Toyota and industry people talk about them.

What about the commentators independent Toyota HIACE Van:

"Despite the fact that the truck, Toyota is very limited, Toyota offers a reputation for reliability. In Toyota HIACE available in the short and long wheelbase model with a gross weight or 2.8 or 3 tons, which is above the load 1170 kg to 1180 kg and four - cylinder 2.5-liter D-4D diesel engines, production, or 95 or 117 horsepower. In Toyota HIACE raises 7M3 can be loaded through the rear doors or sliding side doors.

The standard interior has a driver's height adjustable armrest, tilt adjustable steering, electric heating, power windows, CD player with MP3 input and driver-side airbag. "

As with the Toyota Hilux pickup
"The Toyota Hilux pickup truck is the sixth generation, is the concept of exceptional strength, combined with practical real-driving a new level with robust, aerodynamic design.

The principal is very difficult, and the vehicles that are capable, but the Toyota Hilux pick up on your requirements for flexibility, since it also provides comfort and ride in the car and a full five-seat vehicle as a double cabin. Toyota said that it was ready, and a partner in the practice of collecting. "

National leading distributor of Red Vs Van Service

If your truck, Toyota, also consider the cost of services. Did you know that you do not agree with the main trader service prices?

In October 2003, new European legislation, in the automobile industry came into force called "Block Exemption Regulation" 14002002 (BER). The new law now allows everyone the freedom of a service outside of big dealers, and your warranty.

This gives you the ability to acquire and use network services, such as Van-Van Service, which is in accordance with the manufacturer service schedule, stamped service book, as well as a major dealer and can be installed up to 50% discount on the cost of dealer services.

And access to a network of cheap Toyota van, truck and van service to deliver you at home or at work or almost anywhere else in country, at a time that suits him. It could even be at work, and that its collection, and at the same time.

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