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Brammo Empulse, Electric Motorcycles Can Speeding Up to 160 Km / Hour

Progressive development of increasingly rapid electric motorcycles only. If we know the car manufacturer Tesla cars are diligent sell new electric cars, on motorcycles there Brammo. This electric motorcycle manufacturer has previously released the electric motorcycle, Enertia, and now Brammo introduce new variants, Empulse.

Empulse is a sportbike-style design with street fighter who claimed to be capable of speeding up to 100 mph invited or 160 km / h! Remarkable speed to the size of electric motorcycles. Not surprisingly sturdy legs with a suspension upside down in front of the device by default.

Even the origin of these United States Brammo also been doing testing at Laguna Seca circuit to prove that this new product is not only fast but easy to drive. 40 dk Power generated by the fast-moving electric motors AC, water cooled wearing.

Uniquely, Brammo Empulse is marketed in three different variants. Empluse 6.0, 8.0 and 10.0. Differences in all three is on the battery used. Version 6.0 only have traveled 60 miles or 96.6 kilometers, version 80 have traveled 129 km and 100 have traveled 161 km. Far right!

Empulse 9995 sold to U.S. Dollars 6.0, 8.0 Empulse sold U.S. Dollars and Empluse 11 995 10.0 13 995 U.S. Dollars for sale.
This new electric motor that can be invited to speeding!

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